Timothy Phiri

About: I am a very versatile individual who creates a friendly environment amongst colleagues and stakeholders. Motto: “Love, patience and tolerance” Purpose: To provide quality service delivery, utilizing creative and suitable problem-solving skills.

Aviwe Makenzi

About: I initially studied and obtained my N.Dip (2012) and (2015) qualifications as a Diagnostic Radiographer. It was through working closely with radiation therapists and oncology patients that I realised this was my true calling. I went on to Continue Reading

Priyanka Daya

About: I am a compassionate and dedicated Radiation Therapist with over 10 years of experience.  I have a passion for caring, for animals, traveling, baking, and bringing a smile to the faces of those I meet! Motto: “Let’s put the Continue Reading

Rhona Peter

About: I have worked in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. I enjoy working with medical accounts. I find my work extremely stimulating. I am very target driven and motivated to do my best. Motto: “Live your dream, show Continue Reading

Gugulethu Mutemeri

About: I am an experienced administrator with vast skills in patient care and have excellent communication abilities. Motto: “Love thy Neighbour” Purpose: To foster meaningful relationships with other people by loving unconditionally and practicing generosity.

Dakalo Mhlanga

About: I am a Radiotherapy student at University of Johannesburg, doing all within my capabilities to obtain the degree in Radiation Therapy and become the best Radiation Therapist I have always dreamed of. Motto: “A journey of a thousand miles Continue Reading